What makes our Premium Reusable Fabric Face Mask the ultimate choice

Sure, masks are very much part of our daily lives now. Masks need to provide protection, functionality and how well it fits our face.

But if we can’t breathe well through it, chances are we will unconsciously yank it off, right? How often do we see someone who lets the mask sit well below their nostril, hanging under their chin, or worst – dangling on one ear?

So breathability of a mask is equally as important. And with breathability, comes comfort. These are two factors that come hand-in-hand.And when it comes to breathability, apart from the fact that the mask has to be made in accordance to WHO guidelines, the mask has to be specifically constructed with a cupful shape around the nose. This will provide a large breathing area while the side hem finishing will provide a complete seal-off facial tightness to prevent and resist penetration by any airborne droplets and/or contaminants. The soft elasticated ear-loop should also provide some form of flexibility for prolonged wearing.

Vircast Medic’s Premium Reusable Fabric Masks have been tested based on 5 Performance Metrics.

Download the reports here

  • Bacteria Filtration Efficiency (BFE)
  • Particulate Filtration (PFE)
  • Fluid Resistance
  • Breathability
  • Flammability

Choose Reusable. Choose VirCast Medic.