What makes our Premium Reusable Fabric Face Mask the ultimate choice

Wearing a mask is the new normal. A mask is very much a part of our lives and will be here to stay for a long time to come.

If anything Covid-19 has done, it is to make us realise we have taken a lot of things for granted. Over our modern conveniences and negligence.

So, now, it has come to a point where no matter where you go or what we do, we are required to keep your face mask on in public spaces.

With that being said, experts say we should look for composition, breathability and fit of the mask to determine how well it will function. All in all, how well protected are we when wearing the mask of our choice?

When it comes to composition, it is of utmost importance to look out for a mask that is 3-ply. This is in accordance to recommendations by WHO.

But not just any 3-ply. You will need the outermost layer to be water / fluid repellent. Choice fabric should be Microfibre / Polyester.

Second layer for filtration that traps bacteria should be non-woven Spun Bond Polyester / Polyamide Mic which will give you Filtration Efficiency of more than 99%.

Then the innermost layer should be made of breathable Microfibre Mesh Fabric / Polyester.

You should also look for Fabric Masks that are tested for:

  • Bacteria Filtration Efficiency (BFE)
  • Particulate Filtration (PFE)
  • Fluid Resistance
  • Breathability

The structural components of a good Reusable Fabric Face Mask is important. It needs to be able to filter 99% Airborne Bacteria and protects from [insert icons of the following pollutants]

  • Virus
  • Bacteria
  • Pollen
  • Dust
  • Haze

In this sense, VirCast Medic’s Premium Reusable Fabric Face Masks are all laboratory-tested BACTERIA FILTRATION EFFICIENCY (BFE) > 99% (ASTM F2101-19) and PARTICULATE FILTRATION EFFICIENCY  (PFE) 100% (ASTM F2299M-03) even after 30 washes.

PRO-TIP: That is another factor, isn’t it? You would not want a mask that is rendered ‘useless’ and unable to protect you after a few washes.

Choose Reusable. Choose VirCast Medic.