X’MOS Insecticide Aerosol Spray



4 corner spray, 8 hours protection

Effective & fast action against all mosquitoes


  • Nano tech slow release technology
  • When the temperature is abnormal, the red light ashes
  • No wastages, could repels and kills house flies, ants and roaches
  • Non-oily & non staining, clean and dry formulation, environmental friendly
  • Metered valve – Accurate dose. Longer lasting (up to 830 sprays @ 50g)
  • Versatile with various applications, indoor or outdoor, compacted & portable
  • Can use in car too, just one spray, all the mosquitoes in the car will be eliminate immediately
  • Protection last up to 8 hours in enclose room. If window open, protection is up to 4 hours without mosquito bites
  • High safety margin comparing to all the aerosol insecticide product (one mini spray 83ml vs ~ 270ml of ten cans of regular spray)
  • With just 4 push (for a room size of 100ft2), the micron particles will spread around the room & may even reach inaccessible areas, such as under the bed or table