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Reusable & Washable up to 30 times

Easy Breathe

Ultra Comfort

Bacteria Filter Layer

Fitting instruction

To make sure you are using a clean face cover, wash hands with soap or hand sanitizer before touching the face cover , and it need to be careful how to put it on and take it off.

Wear the face cover by pulling the side elastic loop over both ears, with nose piece facing top and outmost layer of face cover facing out.

Mould or pinch the nose bridge firmly to the shape of your nose. Perform a fit check by inhaling and exhaling. During exhalation, check for air leakage around the face.

Technology and performance

Performance Metrics

Bacterial Filtration (BFE)

Particulate Filtration (PFE)

Fluid Resistance



Vircast medic masks tested by international recognised laboratories


→ Eurofin

→ CO2

→ ASTM F2101

→ EN14683:2019+AC:2019

→ EN ISO 11731:1:2018

→ ISO 14362-1:2017

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